Kedi Medical Outreach In Azaraegbelu

Kedi Healthcare Ind Nigeria LTD, in continuation of bring health awareness to the grassroots, visited Azaraegbelu, Owerri North, Imo State.

The lead of the team, Madam Ogechi Onyeagwara, sensitized the villages and conducted tests with instant results.    

These tests are not free as they are not a NGO. The results these tests, will determine the Chinese supplements she will prescribe.

The tests include;Low sperm count, diabetes, BP, STD, Prostrate, They came to my village with Chinese food supplements and other Chinese herbs!

On the prescriptions of Chinese herbs packaged in tablets, I engaged them, as I see it as an imposition of Chinese medicine on my people! It also has spiritual implications as most of these Chinese herbal remedies were discovered and improved by Chinese Buddhist and other gods  monks, in strict adherence to theirs direction.

Well, I lost the “battle”, as my people have more faith in Whiteman’s medicine. I even told them that Chinese, Indians and Japanese, are not White!

But who among the presidential candidates will stop this brainwashing?

Yes, we all want to say no to medical tourism but what are the alternatives? Medical colonization in our own country?

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