NBA Sacrifices Rule Of Law Creates Illegal NBA Branch In Abuja

As part of the leadership crisis in NBA Abuja(Unity Bar), NBA NEC sitting on the 9th of June at Ilorin, split NBA Abuja, into 3.

They are; Abuja, Garki and Karu/Nyanya branch. According to a NEC member, this balkanization was necessary to restore peace to the disunited Bar.

But observers of activities in NBA, are worried that NBA could break the law in order to restore peace. NBA Abuja has been in crisis since 2016 that had it splitting into factions, holding parallel meetings.

According Section 16 of 2015 NBA Constitution as Amended in 2021, only one branch can only be created in Judicial Division of the High Court of any state.

Is Garki, a Judicial Division?
If a Judicial Division and a new Branch created, is there not suppose to be a fresh election to choose the Executive of Garki Branch or will the Unity Bar Election of 9th June be deemed as an Election to choose a Branch that was not in existence?

A staff at FCH High Court Registry informed me and I truly believe her, there is no Judicial Division in Garki. She further said that there is no High Court in Garki that the closest to Garki is Apo.

A seasoned Bar commentator Musa Esq, informed me that the CJ of the FCT had promised to create a Garki Division this coming legal year and that it was this promise that informed NBA to create NBA Garki Branch.

In another development, the leadership crisis in the newly created Karu/Nyanya is still festering despite attempts by leaders of the Bar to mediate. The forum chairman wants to transmute into the first chairman of the new branch.

His political rivals, insist that his tenure as Forum Chairman had expired and if he wants to be chairman of the new Branch, he should submit himself to election.

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