Political Herdsman Heads Home

Nda, this one you are coming home regularly, is anything hungering you in 2023? Better tell us in time now oh!

Must something hungering me before I come home?

Hmmm! Politicians, na una way. Una de behave like a teenager learning how to spin a woman.

Spin? In our times, it was TT(Talking To) or Toasting as we want to roast your heart to make you open your legs.

Tufia kwa; Nda you are rotten.
But seriously why are you cumming home more often than a woman’s monthly visitor?

Is politics not a rotten game? Seriously, would you rather I cum home in a coffin, to Rest In Peace with you? Why not now that I have strength, so that I can bond with you?

Nda, talk true and stop behaving like a herdsman?

Political herdsman you mean?

Yes. You jumped from PDP to APGA to MAJA and we followed you. Where do you want us to follow you now?

Follow me de go Onumurukwa, let’s go and drink from our ancestral stream and ask the Gods, what they have for me in 2023.

Oh! Nda, talk nah. You have been buying drinks since you came back, you cannot tell us that you are reviving these structures for nothing.

My guy, honestly, I have no political ambition in 2023. I want people to be free to vote their conscience and have the courage to live with the consequences of such choice.
Those whose choice will not make it across the INEC finish line, should stay back cheer their loser candidates and form opposition to the winners and push for better luck in 2027.

Na wah for all these your long talk. Just tell us if you are Atikulated, Jagapant, Obidient or nonaligned herdsman?


Abeg oh! I am me. My interest is my local community. Who is my LGA Chairman? Councilor? Who has direct effect on the roads in my community? I can easily hold these ones responsible, intimidate them into doing their works rather than someone hiding in Aso Rock.

Nda, na true you talk. People talk of true federalism, yet they don’t want to hold their leaders at the federating units accountable. Corruption and the LGA level, worse pass that at Federal level.

Now you are getting my drift.

Nda, where are you drifting again? PDP, APGA, APC or LP?

The Gods are yet to speak but know that when they do, I will let you know. For now, I am a political herdsman with no interest in any grass inside APC, APGA, PDP or LP. Just call me nonaligned political statesman, enemy of all but friend of which one that will seduce me with practical ways of implementing his party’s manifesto.

Nda, okay oh! But you know you bought me only one bottle and as a strong man, I don’t suck only one nipple.

Yeye; now who is rotten?

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