No Boko Haram Attack In Bwari-Residents

A resident of Bwari town in Bwari Area Council, has debunked the news making the rounds that there was an attack on Guards Brigade along Bwari-Kubwa road.

He said that it was a rouse used by those who wanted to shift the Call to Bar ceremony from Bwari to any other location, just for purely financial gains.

He claimed that the attack took place in Kaduna state and shared with Kubwaexpress, the video of the scene of the attack.

Our source further revealed that, a Captain, two Lieutenants and four soldiers died in that attack.

The name of the Captain, is Samuel Attah, the Lieutenants are, Ibrahim Suleiman both from Kogi state.

Independent calls we placed to Nigerian Law School, Bwari Campus, revealed that students preparing for Call to Bar are in the hostels, activities going on smoothly although there is high presence of plain cloth security personnel, believed to be DSS operatives.

Residents of Bwari Area Council are worried, why should unscrupulous elements play with security issues, demarket, paint Bwari Area Council as a den of terrorists? They call on the Bwari Area Council Chairman and the FCT Minister, to investigate this defamation of Bwari Area Council.

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