Lynda Rose Bala NBA 1st VP Elect Celebrates 41st…

Lynda Rose Bala, Esq on Monday July 25th, marked 41st wedding anniversary to her heartthrob, Professor E. J. Bala. The blissful union is blessed with 3 children.

Eulogizing her husband, Lynda, insist that her husband is a pillar of support in all her political adventures in the NBA and she wouldn’t have had the sustaining courage, drive and zeal to carry through her campaign. She prays that God will keep Prof in good health, cheerful and in sound mind.

Speaking to us, Lynda fondly called Mama, advised young couples to workout their differences and stick it out as there is no perfect marriage manual, every marriage is unique and spouses must find that which works best for them.

Despite this uniqueness, she frowned at domestic violence and counseled that, beating, emotional abuse, are not show of love or means to compel a spouse to submit.

Love, tolerance, friendship and a forgiving spirit, are the enduring condiments that a marriage needs to last.

We at kubwaexpress wish Mama and Prof a happy wedding anniversary.

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