Kubwa Holy Grounds; Celestial Church of Christ Phase 3 Kubwa

As part of our mandate to cover Kubwa, we periodically visit worship centers of all religious persuasions in Kubwa. We have visited many but today, the spirit spoke and led us to Celestial Church of Christ Phase 3, Kubwa.

We arrived too early and it offered us the opportunity to see the workers, preparing for service. Peeling of oranges to be used in the service, packs of sugar, changing of holy water at the entrance of the sanctuary, changing of burnt out incense etc

The church service will commence by 10 am we were told and will end when the spirit directs. We quickly told them that we have a flight to catch by 1pm and must leave latest by 11 am.

Against this lie, we were allowed into the main auditorium of the church. We were not allowed to go beyond certain point as we were not wearing Sutana but Islamic Jalabia.

Sitting arrangement is gender segregated. Ladies to the left, men to the right. Children’s section is outside in a shanty like structure.

What is Cele and what do they believe in?

We engaged one member, who identified himself as Shepard Dele and he told us about the church.

Cele as it is popularly called, was founded on 29 September 1947, in Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, by Samuel Oshoffa. Members are called Celestians, while workers are called Shepherds. Your level of spirituality, is shown by the color of belt you wear, just like in Judo and other martial arts.   

  • Brother – brother sutana;
  • Elder Brother – brother sutana, white loin topped with blue, one cross;
  • Prophet – male sutana with 4-corner sutana
  • Supreme Evangelist – white or deep blue cassock, long deep blue robe, cross bar purple, lace lined on cape cassock, white or deep blue with purple Altar cross design, three crosses in front; three crosses on each end of the loin, purple strands.

In constructing the church, the temple of worship always face East.

Women seeing their monthly visitor, and fresh mothers are considered unclean and cannot enter the church or wear their garment until they are sanctified. This he said is in line with the Old Testament biblical injunction.

According to Shepard Dele, They are of the Aladura movement which means praying people in Yoruba. They do all manner of spiritual works for people and do not charge money.  If the prayers work, it is left for you to come and thank God but he quickly told us that the materials for the spiritual works, are sold in a shop within the church.

The service is energetic, conducted mostly in Yoruba with a little dew of English. Incense and Holy water were sprinkled and the auditorium became filled with “holy spirit” and we became dizzy, suspecting a potent herb was mixed with that incense!

As we enter praise and worship, the wriggling of waist and shuffling by brothers, gives one the erection that you need not to go to any night club; the clubbers and strippers are here wearing white garment! These sisters can tweak oh! But we had to be focused to appreciate why King David danced naked(stripper?)

Hausa that is the dominant native language in Kubwa was never used throughout our stay in the church.
We recommend this church, for anybody in Kubwa, with spiritual problems and believe that a mixture of African traditional practices, fasting, spiritual bathing and ancient Jewish rituals can help him or her.
You can reach resident Shepard Dele on 0902 440 0254, for spiritual guidance and any work that will uplift your afflictions.

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  1. Good morning pls am trying to locate this church am currently in kubwa phase3. Can I get the address? I tried calling the line you put there but it’s switched off?

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