Prophet Not Beheaded On A Mountain In Bwari, Abuja

By Mary Akanbi  20th July, 2022

It was reportedly rumoured on Sunday night that a popular Prophet by name Festus O. Okorie was beheaded at his prayer mountain ground along SCC Road, Bwari, Abuja.

The reported rumour had strongly filtered the environs of Bwari and as such our correspondent had to contact the Inspector Crime Officer, Innocent and Officer Alade in Bwari Police Station if there was any such report at their station. They said to us that Yes they heard of the rumour and had gone to the mountain to verify and from their investigation, they found out that nothing of such happened.

When our correspondent insisted on the police having a further investigation to quench the rumour.

At about 6:40pm today, our correspondent was called to come and see for herself the man rumored to have been beheaded.

When our correspondent got there, she fine out that the D.P.O had invited the Prophet to come to the Station to clarify the story of his rumoured death.

The man was seen hale and healthy with few of his members in the D.P.O office.
Our correspondent had a short interview with the pastor, he said”Yes I heard the rumour just as you heard it, it is not true, as you can see I am hale and healthy, am actually just coming from the mountain.

One of his member, Mr Daniel who spoke to us said that the rumour started when their prophet cut off his natural dreadlocks known as dada, then rumour started spreading around that the popular Prophet had been kidnapped and beheaded in the mountain along SCC Road in Bwari.

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