Constitution of Ohaneze Youth Forum

Ohaneze Youth Forum was incorporated on 27th Day of June, 2014. Since incorporation, we have been quietly working with other indigenous Nigerian ethnic groups to promote peace and harmonious co-existence through seminar, talk shows, articles and other interventions.

It is not our mandate to be noisy but when the need arises, we thunder not only to defend igbo interest but do so in a manner that will not threaten the age long cordial relationship between ndi igbo and ndi ozo on the principles of Egbe bere Ugo bere and none should fart on the other.

Membership of the Association is open to all individuals who are igbo indigenes by birth or marriage and believe in the objectives of the Association.

The Aims and objectives of the Ministry are:

1.To promote inter tribal relations in Nigeria

2.To promote Igbo culture.

3.To promote inter tribal respect harmony and peace among all ethnic groups in Nigeria

4.To promote good character and productivity among igbo youths.

5.To promote brotherhood and solidarity among igbo youths.

6.To create Awareness of issues that is potential problems to the igbo youths.

7.To promote diligence, creativity, hard work among Igbo youth.

8.To encourage conducts, activities capable of promoting the wellbeing of igbo land.

9.To encourage members to participate in positive nation building activities.

10.To encourage members to be patriotic and take their civic responsibilities seriously.

11.To promote dignity, self-confidence and self-worth in young people.

12.To promote national consciousness, unity, religious and ethnic tolerance and a general sense of patriotism.

13.To take care of members welfare.

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