On Obi’s Visit To Winners Chapel GO and Bishops Visit To Tinubu’s Unveiling of Muslim-Muslim Ticket

Both parties are playing religious card and both are guilty of what their supporters accuse one another of.

Peter Obi’s supporters are the ones trying to deny that their Principal, is not playing religion but they are being honest by half.

When last did Obi attend any other Church other than a Catholic Church? His visit to David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, one of the largest Pentecostal churches, is purely attempt to woo Christianity’s vote. He had earlier visited Pastor Sarah of Family Worship Centre Wuye Abuja.

But let me tell you for free, Peter Obi is not spiritual but merely playing religion but the Chi, Peter (Disciple of Jesus), he was named after, lost leadership to Paul, exactly because of this same attitude of Peter Gregory Obi is displaying.

Let’s go into the Bible, since na to visit Churches be the in thing, instead of analyzing the manifestos of the candidates and their parties.
Peter despite Jesus commissioning him, denied Jesus to save his skin. He wanted to get warm! (John 18:15-27 particularly verses 25-26)
But we thought he became remorseful and ready for leadership but no.
He still played double agent and Paul had to rebuke him.
Peter was eating with Gentiles but when James and those who insisted that Jewish tradition must be observed, met Peter eating with uncircumcised “pagans”, Peter true to nature, denied the pagans and Paul had to lash out at him. Galatians 2:11    The above is playing out and each time I look into my calabash full of water from Onu muru ukwa, I laugh at all of you playing Oyibo religion.

African Gods have spoken and they arm twisted oyibo gods.
They are happy with what is going on in Nigeria and after 2023 General Election, most of you, will come back to your ancestral roots.

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