Taidi Gwagwalada Coordinator Apologizes

Nkechi Claries Nwachukwu Esq, the coordinator of Jonathan Taidi Gunu has apologized to any and all members of the NBA, whom she might have insulted either by omission or deliberately use of wrong adjectives in the course of her canvassing vote and support for his principal. She also join other supporters to encourage Taidi Esq to be courageous and bid again when the presidency would be zoned to the North in 2028.

In a WhatsApp chat, Nkechi Esq, wrote; “I most sincerely appreciate everyone who believes in Taidi, your supports, votes, campaigns and prayers made a lots of difference.
Election is like a football game where there are many team who must touch the ball one way or the other before they are kicked out at 1st round and only one wins the gold at the end.

For those who understood that Election is a game and tolerated others without insults, God will surely make your life sweet and beautiful.

Every contestants is a winner. I commend you all for the time and resources put in the race. You are all winners.  May you all be blessed in return and crown you with Ebube.

May the Almighty grant you the grace to take the bar and the legal profession to a greater heights and help you fulfill every dictates in your manifesto as you had promised.
To those who felt insulted by misuse of words, sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness.

NBA and the legal profession is our own and we should guide and protect it. RULE OF LAW should be our watch world.
To Taidi Support team God bless your efforts.

To our Principal Jonathan Gunu Taidi Esq. A man I respect so much, You did your best. A lot believes in your ability and capability to be our president, but feels that, it is not your time yet and that when it will be zoned again to the North, you will get their full supports. So be hopeful. The future is here. God will replenish all you had invested in the project.

To all noble legal Practitioners, who took part in this politics may your efforts not be forgotten. The Almighty God shall bless everyone of you.”

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