Congratulations To Friends Of YC; you are the real winners

I have read lots of congratulatory messages pouring encomium on the newly elected NBA President, YC Maikyau SAN. They are in order but none is yet to mention the teeming friends of YC Maikyau in almost the 125 NBA Branches.

These friends were bullied, called rented empty vessels by a presidential candidate.

Long Williams the General

Other ungentlemanly jabs were thrown at them but they remained true to their convictions that YC is the man who know road and like a postage stamp, they stuck to him until they delivered him.

We are compiling names of leading friends of YC Maikyau in different branches to celebrate them but one stands out already. Mazi Afam Osigwe SAN.

After the DG of YC’s Campaign, Yemi Akangbe, my NLS Callmate, Mazi Osigwe is worthy of mention by a blast of trumpet.

I politically met Afam Osigwe now SAN, in 2010 and we have sailed through some rough seas but there has never been any political battle we engaged on being in the same ship that we didn’t win. He brought me to YC Maikyau and kept me within the camp.
Apart from me, Mazi kept smoothing rough edges of the YC Maikyau’s camp.

Another person is Long Williams. Former Governor General of EBF, needs no introduction. He was doggedly committed and ran the campaign like a 5 Star General prosecuting a war.

OC Entertainment.
If you don’t know him, then you were not truly YCfied. This young man, deserves a full page of showers of encomium.Obasi-Obi Nwabueze, na man you be. We couldn’t have gone this far without you.

YC Babes.
I no won’t trouble today. I will not mention names. Their pictures will be everywhere in the Special Hardcopy of Kubwaexpress that will be shared in August during AGM but I must safely mention four; Dorcas, Adamma, Patience Olusuyi, Barbara and Qalam Sameera (others will threaten to sue me oh)

Patience Olusuyi, Esq.

The list is bottomless and I will dedicate 2 pages to celebrate Team YC in the AGC Special Edition of Kubwaexpress.

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