Olumide Akpata NBA President To Leave N1.5Billion

According to a comment on a social media post, by Kunle Edun outgoing Welfare Secretary, Olumide Akpata, will leave N1.5Billion in the coffers of NBA at the end of his tenure in August 2022.

This generated heated counter reactions. But one thing stands out;
National Officers of NBA believes that any criticism of NBA is a personal attack on them and not to improve NBA-well a guilty conscience fears no accusation-could it be that they are underperforming and don’t want any torch on NBA?
Most commentators wondered why should NBA stockpile money when most NBA Branches do not have Bar Centre, the NBA Secretariat is not completed and furnished.
Why not plough the money into these structural developments?
The experience in Anambra, after a stingy Governor saved money and his successor, squandered it in drinking non-alcoholic champagne, should be an eye opener that association money, should be used for the immediate pressing needs of members of the association and not saving for a Pharaoh, who knows no Joseph to come and squander. 

A visit to NBA National Secretariat based on Kunle prompting, showed that;
the two lifts are not working;
5th Floor-Rivers State floor is nakedly barren;   files and other documents are not properly shelved;
there is no internet cloud;
No library lined up with books;
the waiting room is not fit to be a pigsty;

In fact the Secretariat is a white painted sepulchre not worthy of having N1.5billion left in its bank account when there are skeletons in their cupboards in need of being buried ICTically.

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