Nigeria Movement Of Solidarity With Cuba Celebrates With The Cuban People On The 1st Year Anniversary Of The Heroic Resistance That Defeated The USA-Imperialist Instigated Coup Against The Cuban Revolution

1. The Nigeria Movement of Solidarity with Cuba wishes to recall that exactly a year ago, on July 11th 2021, the Cuban population, with total determination and firmness, poured into the streets in millions across the Cuban Island to DEFEAT an attempted coup by US-instigated and paid mercenaries that used the US-Miami territory as its operational base against the Cuban Revolution! The Nigeria Movement salutes and congratulates the Cuban people for this heroic resistance and victory in the defence of the ideas of the Cuban revolution, which has continued to endured and define a benchmark for human development!

2. The massive demonstrations by the Cuban people in millions on July 11 2021, attested to their total support for the Revolution and their desire to live in peace with their rights of sovereignty, political and socio-economic choices, under the banner of Socialism, and which is the main thrust of the Cuban Revolution.

3. However, the Nigeria Movement notes that the criminal US establishment intensified its policy of economic blockade and suffocation against the Cuban people during the COVID-19 pandemic conditions in order to instigate violent reactions within the Cuban population, which scores of people did to express their deprivation, but the Cuban peoplec do love and defend their Revolution and as it was with the on July 11, 2021, so it was on MAY 1ST 2022 with more than 5,5-million people, more than half of the Cuban population marching in defense of the Revolution and Socialism.

Presidente de la República de Cuba; Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez

4. Equally, we salute President Diaz-Canel and the entire leadership of the Cuban revolution that despite the strangulating policy of economic blockade and the difficulties arising from it, Cuba has managed to control the pandemic, the school calendars for all levels of education and healthcare for all citizens have unfolded normally and progress is being made in social programs, such as those related to the advancement of women and against reminants of racism!
Also worthy of commendation is progress the Cuban revolution is making in the transformation of neighborhoods and communities, despite of the economic suffocation policy of the United States.

5. The Nigerian Movement will always identify with the cause of the Cuban people to pursue its rghts of sovereignty and their choices of political and socio-economicc development that is free of exploitation and domination of any imperialist dictates. Despite the blockade confronting the Cuban population, the Cuban revolution continues to maintain its fundamental achievements! This is highly inspiring that a new Humanity free of imperialist domination of other peoples in the world is possible!

6. We reiterate our denounciation of the criminal blockade against Cuba. It is a futile agenda that has been aimed, for over six decades, to destabilise the Cuban revolution. It is doomed to fail and will keep failing to the end.

7. Once again, we reiterate that the Nigeria Movement is committed to a permanent solidarity with the Cuban revolution and the Cuban people!



Signed; Comrade ABIODUN AREMU.
For and on behalf of the Nigeria Movement of Solidarity with Cuba

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