Pre-Vacation Musing

I was prepared to run a worthy race towards my quest to serve NBA as publicity secretary but some fingers of a leprous hand played a fast one on me.

As a political assassin, who prepares before he strikes, I had prepared, using the FCT Judicial calendar to make sure, I have no court appearances this week.    

This was to enable me concentrate on the last lap of my campaign but the campaign had been aborted and I now have a week to vacation on my hands, to toy with.

With this pre-vacation week and the last lap before NBA Election, I am relaxed, reading through manifestos of all the candidates, especially the presidential candidates.

In the course of my campaign, I met with the 3 of them, interacted with the 3 of them, observed the 3 of them interfacing with others(I have pictures and short videos of this.)

A week after I was thrown under the bus by Olumide Akpata at Ilorin during NEC Meeting, I initiated calls with 3 of them and we “quarreled” on the phone and made up with cross apologies.

But after this call of 18th June, only one out of 3 of them have remorsefully been cultivating me. I keep feeling embarrassed whenever he stoops to attempt to apologize.
Being shorter than him, I hit the ground before him. I also chose to avoiding him until yesterday at the ECNBA organized debate.

I started off by antagonizing him for wearing red sox and called him out. After which I went to meet him as well as the other two candidates.

YC Maikyau SAN’s reaction after the red sox attack, melted my heart. JK Gadzama looked through me as though he had never seen me before, Taidi was shy and smiling timidly but couldn’t say anything.

Despite all these, I swallowed my hurt and did little publicity for them at to cost to any of them but going through their manifestos this morning and putting the words beside the characters I had met, YC Maikyau SAN comes alive to me as the only one among 3 of them that has the requisite emotional intelligence to carry out the contents of his manifesto.
As I read, I see the honesty in each word and with my interactions, I know he has the courage, honesty and zeal to succeed beyond whatever legacy Olumide Akpata will leave behind.

My appeal to all contestants is, ask your supporters to vote YC Maikyau SAN as president. With YC’s presidency, I assure you, you will fulfill all those lofty ideas I heard you read out from your manifesto. YC is a team captain, who is not interested in ballon d’or, but in the overall success of the team.

YC is your best pair of hands, to hand over NBA to for 2022-2024, vote wisely vote YC Maikyau SAN.

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