Mother of All Hangouts In Abuja As ECNBA Organizes Unbudgeted Debate

Today’s debate being organized by the Electoral Committee of NBA (ECNBA), is not captured in the budget sent and approved by NBA NEC.  While it is a welcome development, one wonders from under which sun head is the funding for this budget sourced.  

Meanwhile, eateries and gardens in Abuja will be lit as candidates for the forthcoming NBA Abuja assembles at NBA secretariat today, Thursday  7 for presentation of their manifesto and debate. The debate and manifesto presentation is hybrid with options but most candidates, especially the Presidential and General Secretary candidates we were informed have chosen to be physically present instead of attend via zoom.

ECNBA Budget with no provision for cost of hosting debate/manifesto presentation

Informed supporters of the candidates, told us that apart from the manifesto presentation and debate scheduled for 10 am, their principals will treat their supporters to a mouthwatering brunch immediately the debate is over. They urged their supporters in and around Abuja, to come cheer them and get to meet them closely after the debate.

But afraid of threat of disqualification by ECNBA over organizing hangout by candidates, these candidates have crafty outsourced these hangouts to friends and we now have Friends of XYZ host NBA Bwari or Friends of XYZ invited you to a get to know our friend at cocktail.”

Today after the debate will also have all manner of hosting by friends of candidates.

This hosting, has been described by political observers in NBA, as vote buying and inducing voters with stomach infrastructure.

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