NBA 2022 Election; Religion The Last Currency Of The Unprepared

I have been following all candidates in the forthcoming NBA Election. I have gone through all their manifestos and I can tell you, they are all well worded but can they achieve all the lofty ideals in them?

Since the manifestos are good, the factors that will tilt the election, are tribe, zone and religion.

Tribe and zone are codified in NBA Constitution, offices reserved for them and candidates have been disqualified for their nominators not adhering to this tribal requirements. Tribe and zone, are legitimate tools of campaign. I will not begrudge any candidate for using these but since NBA Constitution doesn’t recognize CLASFON OR MULAN.

The NBA prayer pays no allegiance to any god but encourages you to use your belief to do that which is right for our profession and humanity. Is using your religion in NBA electioneering campaign, stoking disaffection against your opponent because he chose a different son of Abraham to be mentally enslaved to?

It is only a candidate that is not sure that voters from outside his zone and tribe will vote for him or her that resorts to religion, telling lawyers, “vote for me, I am the only Christian/Muslim in the race for office of…and …” You know I am member of CLASFON or MULAN, you need to have your brethren in this Exco.” This currency of religion, will not help any candidate who is not popular or acceptable outside the his or her zone.
Tribal votes and zone, will not give you victory but across board votes will. Religious currency and wining because to represent or had endorsement of any religious divide, will not guarantee that you will deliver the content of your manifesto.   

Voters, should shun any candidate that spins in religion into his or her campaign. NBA is a non-religious pressure group that should and must put pressure on any religion if such religion’s activities are contrary to the ideals NBA stands for, especially Rule of Law.

Knowing NBA as I know it, the only way an officer of the NBA can achieve his election campaign promises, is by having the president to key into them.   

The two leading presidential candidates; choose who will help you excel

I am not calling for a servant-master relationship but a symbiotic relationship wherein the president can deliver his own promises through yours without yours outshining his. You must pass your good ideas as that of Mr. President and as a good team member, allow the president to score the wining goal always.

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