Two Months After Cancelled SPIDEL Sokoto Conference; Lawyers Express Concern, Demand Refund

Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Section on Legal Practice (SLP), Starts today July 3 and will end on 6, 2022 in Asaba, Delta State.

This is about two months since The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has postponed its conference for Section of Public Interest and Development Law (SPIDEL), Canceled its Conference in Sokoto, due to the murder of Deborah Samuel Yakubu by Islamic fundamentalists.

NBA is yet to refund Conference registration fee to those who paid.
I have gotten in touch with SPIDEL Chairman, Monday Ubani, Esq and he said, “You complained a lot. Did we tell you that we are not holding the conference? As one is advancing in age, some of this radical posture that are not too necessary begins to wear out bro. We are trying to get a suitable date for the Conference somewhere in Abuja. You were part of the persons that were clamouring that we should cancel the conference in Sokoto. Nwannem it is the 10k that you paid that I will use to enrich myself at this age. Nobody will eat your money biko. Relax, the new date is being worked out wanne.

I wish to remind Mr. Ubani that after this Asaba Conference, there is NBA Election on the 16th and 16th SPL Annual Conference in Abuja is scheduled for 20-22 in Abuja.

Annual General Conference of NBA, is 19 to 24 August 2022  which will mark the end of this Olumide Akpata’s administration.

Against this backdrop, I am in serious doubt that Monday Ubani’s led SPIDEL can organize a meaningful conference before the expiration of this administration.
It will not be a bad idea for Monday Ubani Committee, to refund all who paid for that conference their money or ask them to add whatever difference to make up and pay for AGC holden in Lagos.

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