Desmond Yamah; Amiable, Experienced Accessible And Reliable To Serve The Bar As General Secretary

During his consultation visit to NBA Bwari, Desmond Yamah vying for the office of General Secretary was eulogized to high heaven, by those whose lives he had touched when he served meritoriously as Publicity Secretary as also as Unity Bar Chairman.

Responding to the praises showered on him and assurances that they will massively vote for him, Desmond Yamah, asked Bwari lawyers, not just vote for him because he is their friend but to go through his manifesto and see the good innovations he intend to bring to NBA Secretariat 2022-2024.

Some of the content of his manifesto are;

Establish an effective mechanism for the codification and referencing of resolutions passed at the Quarterly NEC Meetings, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) & the Annual General Conference (AGC) of the NBA, to be kept in the ‘Resolutions Register’ in the National & branches Secretariat, in soft & hard copies.

Create a web platform that will ensure a real time interface between members of the Bar across the nation, the National Secretariat of the Bar, and the entire world.

• Create a mechanism for building a robust Institutional Memory for the Nigerian

Bar Association for ease of access to our history, present and future direction for the Association.

Keep a database of all Nigerian Lawyers in line with international best practices.

Replicate some of our achievements at branch level in the National level such as

International training and exposure of Young Lawyers to International best practices in legal services, in collaboration with other committees of the NBA.

Ensure that Nigerian lawyers attain global competitiveness in a fast globalizing world by making materials available to branches through the National Secretariat.

Develop a multi-faceted approach towards building capacity for lawyers in practice areas that are currently either underutilized or yet to be explored.

Elders of the Branch at the consultation, reminded the new wigs of the contribution of Desmond Yamah to the growth of NBA Bwari and urged all in NBA Bwari, to adopt Desmond Yamah as their candidate for the office of General Secretary and vote for Yamah, the best for the job.

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