Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly Expresses Concern Over Insecurity And Prays

As Nigerians go agog over who will succeed Gen. Buhari in 2023, the Bishop of The Sinners Assembly, has expressed concern that all presidential candidates are quiet on how to solve the lingering insecurity in Nigeria, particularly banditry and insurgency.
The Bishop expressed this concern at Airwave Wuse 2, during Special Anointing Service for soldiers who are members of The Sinners Assembly. They were about to leave to their duty posts in the North East.
The Bishop urged Nigerians, to get their PVC and vote for a candidate who has pragmatic, scientific programs on how to solve insecurity in Nigeria. Painfully, the Bishop warned Nigerians not to vote any candidate who takes security advise from a Reverend Father, Pentecostal pastor, Imam, Marabout or a lunatic/mad man. Securing lives and property of Nigerians in any part of Nigeria and against foreign aggressors, is too deadly serious to be left in the hands of any man that consults mad man/oracles instead of trained security personnel.

According to the Bishop’s homilies; “My heart goes out to all our gallant soldiers, immigration officers, police and civil defense, bracing the cold, harsh weather of North , East, West and South, just to keep Nigeria safe.

My heart goes out to their lovely spouses, who are lonely and daily fight off sexual temptations from friends of their spouses, whom masturbation with cucumber, carrot, candle, fingers before picture, images of their loved ones, are no longer fulfilling.

My heart goes out to all the children of our gallant soldiers, immigration officers, police and civil defense, who are not sure if they will ever see their father alive or in a coffin.”

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