2022 NBA Presidential Election; A Two Horse Race

I am forced to write this, after yesterday’s position that I will not vote for anyone, other than Caroline for Treasurer and Lynda Bala for 1st Vice President. But these two, need to be part of a team headed by the President.

Against this backdrop, I am morally bound to write my encounter with the 3 presidential candidates.

Out of respect, I will not quote the content of any of our conversation, especially that which took place on the night of 18/19th June 2022.

I have spoken with the 3 presidential candidates and have seen them off camera.
I have tried to be unbiased in re-accessing them.

Without making this wooly, the race for 2022 Presidential Race, is a two horse race between YC Maikyau and JK Gadzama. My good amiable friend, JG Taidi, will come 3rd or at best, will come either 2nd to YC or JK.

JK has sympathy votes hanging low in his favor. He is a veteran loser. He lost against JB Daudu, he lost against AB Mahmood. This has garnered some sympathy for him.

But his suing NBA after he lost to AB, is a serious gaping dent in his breast armor. Another serious issue most voters have, is his lack of warmth and charm. It is disappointing to approach him after first meeting and he will with sense of aloofness relate to you as though you have never met before.

YC Maikyau, his greatest strength, is that he is a NBA political virgin with no baggage in between his legs. With the perceived success of Olumide Akpata, Esq a man considered an outside at the time of his campaign, many believe that YC Maikyau a non-regular NBA politician, will bring fresh breath to accelerate from where Olumide Akpata will gas out.

Another strength of YC, is his charm and emotional intelligence. With his smile, he can disarm you, make you feel as though both of you  are long lost friends, reconnecting again. This has endeared him to a great number of younger lawyers.

His greatest weakness is that he is perceived as anointed candidate of Olumide Akpata. Hard as his supporters had tried to fan away this tag, it sticks deeper.

According to one of his young supporters, this is unfair as both him and JK were made Committee Chairmen by Olumide Akpata, how come they are not tagging JK Akpata’s candidate?

Like in all elections, it is he whose supporters come out to vote on 16th that will win election, despite these perceived advantages and disadvantages.

On the 12th of July, like the then famous Octopus, we at Kubwaexpress, will make projections of who will win. As at now, kindly go through all candidates manifesto and don’t be induced by quality of hangout organized by friends of contestants (we know who de fund them.)

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