Attempt To Adopt JK Gadzama By Ejiofor Onwuaso Led Otu OKA-iwu of Unity Bar Collapses

The attempt by Ejiofor Onwuaso led Otu Oka-iwu (made up of igbo lawyers in Unity Bar only), was yesterday truncated and an angry member, Agams thundered accusations against the leadership of of Onwuaso Esq.

Before is the explosive expression by Sir, Marcel Chukwuma Dim-Udebuani Agams KSJI, posted on Otu Oka-Iwu WhatsApp group. At the time of this report, Onwuaso Esq, has not responded but some members of the group, have called for causation and that Otu Oka-iwu Unity Bar, should move on and respect the wish of Sir, Marcel Chukwuma Dim-Udebuani Agams KSJI  to resign him chairmanship of Judiciary and Public interest litigation of Otu OKA-iwu and removing himself from the WhatsApp group.


The President of Otu Okaiwu, Mazi Ejiofor Onwuaso, happy new Month of July.
I sincerely wish to condemn in its entirety the failed technical endorsement of Chief J.K Gadzama, SAN as Otu Okaiwu preferred candidate in the forthcoming NBA elections.

As Lawyers sir, process must stand on the law and legality with precedence and failure of which may likely result to chaos and anarchy.

Sir, the purpose of Otu Okaiwu as I understand it is Ogbako Umunne and if it is so, the shenanigans and maneuvering that took place yesterday could have been avoided.

Mr. President Sir, life without a clear purpose and direction is a wasted life and because I never wanted to be a mediocre, I stand to disassociate myself with your connivance and failed technical endorsement of Chief J.K Gadzama, SAN at whose instance you conveyed.

Sir, over the years, I have been asking God to make me less a man of words and more a man of action and that was why I interiected the purported host. As a good tree is known by its good fruit, so too a good man is known by the goodness of his thoughts, words and deeds.

The rumours started within the week that the members of Otu Okaiwu will on Thursday officially endorse J. K Gadzama SAN and thereafter, Abuja branch will follow suite.

I dismissed same because I am fully aware the sacrifices we all made to see that Otu Okaiwu is what it is today. But unfortunately I was wrong.

Sir, with due respect, words are meant to point out truth, and desire help us to reach out for it. But action is the most convincing proof of who we really are.
Therefore, despite the assurances you gave to members that expressed opposed this move, your actions yesterday clearly demonstrated that the meeting was for endorsement of the veiled host and not Ogbako Umunne.

President, double standard and preference in public office are not only dangerous but lowers the self esteem of the other members.

Vote for YC Maikyau SAN leading NBA Presidential Candidate

I have not met Y. C Maikyau SAN. and J.G Tadi Es so there is no reason thinking that I am against the charade called meeting yesterday because of them but purely on principle.

Sir, you will recall that one of the presidential candidate in the person of J. G Tadi Esq. and other candidates were in our May meeting and they were just allowed to address us and go and our meeting to continued.

Sir, you will also recall that I called you during the branch elections for Otu Okaiwu to intervene but you declined and said that we are apolitical.

Sir, because of your personal interest, you deceived your own people and cajoled them in attending a meeting fraudulently summoned to adopt Chief J.K Gadzama.

It all started when the proxy host started campaigning for his master and in fact the real host, Chief J.K Gadzama SAN who you technically stood down our meeting pending his arrival from his event in law School, Bwari and you also allowed non members of Otu Oka-lwu sit in through out the meeting contrary to our norms and practice and you call it Ogbako umunne?

The real host eventually arrived, he took over the meeting venue as if we are charlatans despite the fact that I was the one addressing the general house and you could not call the meeting to order. It is not only insulting but an affront to me as a member and a committee Chairman who have been hosting and sponsoring his committee activities without complaints for the good of umunne identify what counts the most in all I do and channel my energies towards same and remain focused on the mission on how to execute same with honesty and integrity.

Sir, you have betrayed the trust and respect I Sir, Marcel Chukwuma Dim-Udebuani Agams KSJI have for you but I must tell you that even if it is a member that is for either Y.C Maikyau or J. G Tadi Esq. as a leader you are duty bound to protect and respect his choice and not to intimate him the way you did yesterday.
Sir, please note that management of success is very difficult than success itself.
I was one of those who appealed to you to take up the mantle of Otu Okaiwu leadership hoping that you will be different and stick to our goal of umunne and not being influenced by politicians.

I am highly disappointed in you and the insult you gathered us together to achieve your predetermined goal of giving up our platform to J.K Gadzama SAN.

Sequel to the above Sir, I hereby resign my position as Chairman of Otu Okaiwu Committee on Federal Character, Judiciary and Public interest litigation and also my membership of Otu Okaiwu under your compromised leader because darkness and light can never trade in Nkwo Nnewi market at the same time.

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