NBA Jos; Behold Kasweh Habila Mershak’s Manifesto

1.WELFARE   It is my desire to establish a welfare committee to see to the needs of the members of the Jos Bar. This would be done through creation of a bank account that will be actively funded from a percentage of the local dues. remittances from the Bar practicing fees, grants and free will donations from spirited members and outside donors.

It is also my desire to ensure that the branch secures a structure and furnish it as its Bar center that is already overdo.
This would be 
done through follow up on previous commitment in that regard by our predecessors and form new alliances to enhance the actualization of that Noble objective.

I shall ensure that the branch partners with  the Plateau state Judiciary in the area of addressing issues of incessant industrial actions by JUSUN, under-handling in the judicial process, cost of filling, litigation, Service and charges.

There is no doubt that words are the tools of
our trade and these words are not picked  anywhere other than the statute book, law reports and journals. It is therefore imperative to partner with service providers like Law Pavilion, Nigerian Weekly Law report, Supreme Court of Nigerian Judgment, Nigerian Supreme Court Quarterly Report, Federation weekly Law Report e.t.c for easy access at subsidized rate.
We shall equally work to secure a place within the premises of the High Court to site this library.

My team shall ensure that the branch queue into the National body’s National Health Insurance Scheme for members to minimize the incessant incidences of calling members to contribute towards the health challenges of colleagues.

My team shall ensure that the cooperative of the branch that is already registered, is strengthened to provide soft loans for deserving members of the branch at a single digits interest.
The cooperative shall be strengthened to encourage saving culture amongst colleagues for the rainy days.
It is beyond argument that the world has gone digital and to keep Pace with the world and maintain our jobs, then we must maintain constant professional development in partnership with the NBA Institute of Continuous Legal Education to acquire new skills in particularly emerging areas of law in the Fintech, Block chain, Robotics, zoom hearing, cryto-currency, Bitcoin e.t.c.

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