Jesus The Son Of Man

Over the years, the church has deliberately over emphasized the spiritual side of Jesus that many forget that Jesus was human too. Jesus was like us but allowed God to use him-he was God who came to dwell in flesh (Emmanuel), to show humanity that you can be in the flesh, on earth and still sinlessly worship God.

Jesus The Son Of Man, is a collection of writings by men who met Jesus in the flesh, their impressions about him.

Today, we at the Sinners Assembly’s fellowship, we bring you, the impression of Jesus on Pontius Pilatus;
My wife spoke of him many times ere he was brought before me, but I was not concerned.

My wife is a dreamer, and she is given, like so many Roman women of her rank, to Eastern cults and rituals. And these cults are dangerous to the Empire; and when they find a path  to the hearts of our women they become destructive.

Egypt came to an end when the Hyksos of Arabia brought to her the one God of their desert. And Greece was overcome and fell to dust when Ashtarte and her seven maidens came from the Syrian shores.

As for Jesus, I never saw the man before He was delivered up to me as a malefactor, as an enemy of His own nation and also of Rome.
He was brought into the Hall of Judgment with His arms bound to His body with ropes.

I was sitting upon the dais, and He walked towards me with long, firm steps; then He stood erect and His head was held

And I cannot fathom what came over me at that moment; but it was suddenly my desire, though not my will, to rise and go down from the dais and fall before Him. I felt as if Caesar had entered the Hall, a man greater than even Rome herself.

But this lasted only a moment. And then I saw simply a man who was accused of treason by His own people. And I was His governor and His judge.

I questioned Him but He would not answer. He only looked at me. And in His look was pity, as if it were He who was my governor and my judge.
Then there rose from without the cries of the people. But He remained silent, and still He was looking at me with pity in His eyes.

And I went out upon the steps of the palace, and when the people saw me they ceased to cry out. And I said, “What would you with this man?”

And they shouted as if with one throat, “We would crucify Him. He is our enemy and the enemy of Rome.”

And some called out, “Did He not say He would destroy the temple? And was it not He who claimed the kingdom? We will have no king but Caesar.”

Then I left them and went back into the Judgment Hall again, and I saw Him still standing there alone, and His head was still high.

Chukwuma Akuazaoku, Bishop of The Sinners Assembly.

And I remembered what I had read that a Greek philosopher said: “The lonely man is the strongest man.” At that moment the Nazarene was greater than His race. And I did not feel clement towards Him. He was beyond my clemency.

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