Otu Oka-Iwu NBA Abuja Chapter Disassociates Herself From Members Complaints On The Rigged Unity Bar Election 2022


In In a bid to stem the ugly tidal wave generated by sustained dicussions and posts bordering on the just concluded Unity Bar elections, it became expedient under the doctrine of necessity to lock the platform this yesterday to limit posts to only Admin members so as to preserve the cherished peace, convivial and cohesive spirit of Umunne we have laboured so hard to enthrench since the inception of our administration and eventual revival of Otu Okaiwu Abuja.

While we respect and uphold the right of members to express their displeasure at perceived irregularities and malpractices that may have arisen in the course of the election of one of the branches, repeatedly belabouring the issue even when our key aspirants to the various offices have WILLFULLY and openly accepted the outcome to the point of disturbing the peace and sanity of the platform was a complaint taken too far.

This becomes very disturbing even when i had in my congratulatory message of 10th of June, 2022 pledged and assured that we shall work closely with the various branch Leadership to cause a post election audit to address the various complaints and forestall a future reoccurrence.

It leaves one to genuinely question the motive behind the DAILY repeated complaints on an Otu Okaiwu Platform especially when juxtaposed with the following glaring facts:

1. That the Chairman of the branch Electoral Committee and majority of her members are not members of Otu Okaiwu Abuja neither were they on our platforms to respond to the barrage of complaints;

2. That though our members participated in the exercise (as aspirants and voters respectively), it is not within the powers of Otu Okaiwu Abuja to cancel or cause Unity Bar to cancel the outcome of the already declared results and eventual winners already sworn in;

3. That the said election was not directly conducted by Otu Okaiwu Abuja and was never under the control and supervision of our Association

4. That such members being members of the various official branch platforms of the Unity Bar rather than vocally registering their protests thereon chose to be silent but found an easy launchpads on Otu Okaiwu platforms to the extent that now threatens our collective peace and unity.

5. That membership of Otu Okaiwu Abuja comprises of Unity Bar, Garki Bar, Gwagwalada bar, Nyanya/Karu branch and Bwari branch hence, the need to be mindful of the sensibilities of other non-members of the Unity Bar in our comments and posts.

In view of the foregoing, may i humbly restate that the essence of our coming together is to project and promote things that will enhance our unity, love and welfare rather than those that will divide us. A lot of hard work, sacrifice and painstaking ideas has been invested to bring enduring peace and convivial love amongst us, please let us not in the heat of passion allow our sentiments to triumph over reason and our guiding principle of Rule of Law which can only adjudge one guilty after a thorough investigation of allegations has been done and culpability of an accused established beyond reasonable doubt.


In view of the foregoing, let it be noted that Otu Okaiwu under my watch shall always speak out in condemnation of any member whose conduct is satisfactorily found to offend the treasured values of honesty, transparency, fairness, justice and accountability for which NDI IGBO are known for subject to the due process of fair hearing and the rule of law.

Against this background, i implore all to be calm and desist from further posts on the subject while we work out modalities towards our engagement with the branch leadership on the need for a post election audit.

To this end, affected members may wish to forward information pertaining to their various experience during the election and proposed recommendation to the Otu Okaiwu EXCO in this regard.

It is always better to Jaw jaw than war war!

Let there be peace. Anyi bu Ofu.
Ejiofor Onwuaso

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