Felix Chukwuma Ashimole Appreciates NBA Ikeja (Tiger Bar)

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole the miraculously and maliciously disqualified candidate for the office of Publicity Secretary, has expressed undiluted gratitude to the entire members of NBA Ikeja Branch (Tiger Bar).
He made this expression against the background that it was only Tiger Bar Chairman, 
Bartholomew Aguegbodo Esq that spoke up in Defence of truth during the just concluded NBA NEC Meeting Holden in Ilorin, where NBA President Olumide Akpata released the decision of NBA Appeal Committee, 3 days before the decision disqualifying him was communicated to him.

Olumide Akpata referring to Mr. Ashimole as that Chap, said that Mr. Ashimole’s fate had been sealed by Appeal and questioned Monday Ubani, if he wanted to plead that Appeal reverse itself.

When confronted with the truth by Ikeja Branch Chairman, that Appeal is still pending as at 9th June, Olumide Akpata said “he thought that Appeal had reached a verdict on Mr.Ashimole’s Appeal.”

Mr. Ashimole had on 29th May Appealed his disqualification for an office he didn’t apply. He applied to serve NBA in the office of Publicity Secretary but was disqualified to contest office of Assistant General Secretary.

Talking to the theme of Ikeja Law Week; 2023: LOOKING BACKWARDS TO MOVE FORWARD  Mr. Ashimole ask NBA to first look backwards to find out where and when did the rot in NBA started and why this administration of Olumide Akpata has not been able to arrest election rigging in Branches.
He further said that for NBA to be taken seriously to intervene in 2023, the physician must first heal himself.
This June, over 60% of NBA local branches are conducting election and handing over to a new executive like Nigeria would in 2022 but vibes from the branches that had conducted their election and silence of NBA on the alleged fraud, voters list padding, vote buying(hangout, paying BPF) leaves Nigerian agape wondering if NBA is ready to speak to Nigerian politicians.

According to Mr. Ashimole while still praising NBA Ikeja, opined that the theme would’ve been more enriching if it was tailored to reflect NBA as this year is NBA National Election; 2022 NBA Election; Looking Backward To Move Forward. We must look backward to 2018 the worst NBA Election in recent history and ask, are we ready to move forward with the same ICT company that organized 2018 NBA Election?

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, co-publisher, Kubwaexpress.com


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