And Obi Goes To Egypt, Eze Goes To School

Since Peter Obi is a Papal Knight and his supporters have posted images of him and the Pope, I will address this article strictly from the narrow prism of the Bible, heavily from Genesis and Exodus.

Moses left Egypt and took with him the people of God-Israelites. He did this after he refuted against the privileges he had as the son of Pharaoh’s sister. He committed class suicide by killing an Egyptian and ran into the wilderness, where he met God in a burning bush.

Has Obi committed class suicide or is he merely using us the poor to continue his fight with his rich class brothers, who pushed him off the looting table?

Has Obi met the God of the poor in a burning bush that purified him, to qualify him to stand before poor Nigerians and say, “the god of Aminu Kano, the god of Isaac Adaka-boro, the god of Fela, has heard your cries and sent me to you?”

Obi need to be born again, leave the trappings of the Egyptian palace and walk into the wilderness and be purified to be the leader of poor, oppressed Nigerians.

He had better ask how old was Moses before he had the balls to dare Pharaoh. Will 3 days be enough for Obi to learn the magics of Egypt? Magic that he will need to turn darkness into light and swallow all the rods of those owners of the pieces and bolts shared during the unbundling of NEPA?

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