Midwest Bar Forum holds General Meeting, 18th June,2022


Notice of meeting of Midwest Bar Forum as released and signed by H.O.BAZUAYE, Esq states below;
Take Notice that the General Meeting of the Midwest Bar Forum holds on Saturday, 18th June, 2022.
Venue: Obama Hall,Vichi Gates Hotel and Suites @ 68, Ihama Road, G.R.A,Benin City,Edo State.   Time:10am

1. Introduction of Guests
2. Opening Prayer
3. Opening Remarks by the Chairman, MidWest Bar Forum
4. Reading & Adoption of Minutes of last Meeting
5. Matters Arising
6. NBA Elections
7. Announcements
8. Any Other Business
9. Closing.
Any further information will be disclosed before the meeting.

H.O.BAZUAYE, Esq(Midwesterner)
(Publicity Secretary Midwest Bar Forum)

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