Friends of ContestantsThrill NEC Members In Ilorin

Friends of JK Gadzama SAN took out a tent beside the main hall of M & M Event Centre Ilorin to provide “welcome” and refreshment to members attending NBA NEC Meeting.

As is typical of subtle stomach infrastructure and vote buying/inducement, nothing was left to imagination in providing this welcome.
JKites in Kwara are not the only ones guilty of organizing this “welcome.”

Friends of YC Maikyau SAN in Ilorin, also welcomed members of NEC last night at a well attended party. Venue was Henry George Hotel, Ilorin.

Friends of Jonathan Taidi wanting not to be left out, also organized a tidy outing, contributing to the economy of Ilorin.

Contestants for other posts, especially General Secretary, where seen pulling weights to impress already tipsy colleagues. How many party can you attend in a night and still function frolicking your “conference material” ?

NBA Electoral Committee need to do something about these ad hoc friends of contestants springing up during election. How do they fund these parties and hangout? Could it be that these contestants contrary to Electoral Guidelines and NBA Constitution, fund these activities? Can we see the statement of account of the coordinators of these Friends of Candidates A, B & Z?

It is these welcome parties, hosting branches, sending goodwill messages to branches to be published in Law Week Magazines that add to the cost of running for office at NBA.

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