Felix Chukwuma Ashimole; Why Are They Afraid Of You?

All the lawyers I met here, including some national officers of NBA, unanimously agree that I was erroneously, mischievously and deliberately disqualified by ECNBA!
But when I ask them to speak up, they start whispering; Ché you won put me for trouble.”
And I ask, who are they afraid of?
It appears they know who is responsible for this delay by Appeal Committee.
Two days ago, Appeal Committee released names of candidates, whose Appeals were not successful, my name was not there.
So where is my name?
What is happening to my Appeal?
Who is throwing his elephantine weight on members of the Appeal Committee not to reverse my unjust disqualification?
How can I apply and submit form for Publicity Secretary and be disqualified for vying for the office of Assistant General Secretary?
If NBA President says his hands are not in this, is he not bothered that the Electoral Committee he and NEC appointed, is giving NBA a terrible corrupt, manipulative bad name?
All the leaders of the Bar whispering support for me and agreeing that Electoral Committee which Chidi Odinkalu is a member, goofed, messed up, should stop whispering and speak up.

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