NBA Bwari Law Week 2022; Chairman’s Address


Let me on behalf of Nigerian Bar Association, Bwari Branch (Cradle Bar) welcome you all to the 2022 Law Week of our dear Branch.

Your presence at this occasion is not by accident but for purpose of harmonizing our collective ideas in a genuine bid to salvage the nation from imminent collapse.

It must be admitted that Nigeria is at cross road and almost getting to the stage of Thomas Hobbes defined state of a failed nation.

The seemingly unending security challenges’ contraption is at its peak and dwindling economy of our dear nation call for urgent attention of everyone of us in order to escape the tagged prophecy of Chinua Achebe; ” There was a country”

Sadly, the bandwagon effect of the insecurity also affect not only economy but the entire social and political life of everyone.

Gentlemen, as it stands, it appears that the major striving businesses in Nigeria today are; corruption, kidnapping, banditry and all what not. The naked truth is that the government at all levels have failed woefully without redemption in discharging their primary duties to the citizens and non-citizens alike.

The self made challenges facing us as a nation in the area of security, economy and bad governance are just too numerous to mention. Killing of innocent citizens is more of like normal routine in Nigeria.

Our safety is no longer guaranteed as those saddled with the responsibility of protecting us are now caught up in the act of conniving with our common enemies.
Our take home wages can no longer take us home, the choice of 
who takes elective position in our country today is determined by the highest bidder. The value of Naira is decreasing on a daily basis.

NBA as a leading pressure group has a critical role to play at this critical period of our existence hence the emergence of this thought provoking question as our theme “State of the Nation, Where are the lawyers”

The NBA Bwari Branch as one of the leading forces in Nigeria in it’s countless programmes and discussions at every given opportunity has always insisted on strict adherence to the rule of law by government and it’s agencies at all levels being the panacea to the myriad of the self made challenges facing Nigeria.
On our part as 
pacesetters branch, we will not relent on our effort in setting up platforms such as this for stakeholders for Rind Tersefromoting, harmonizing ideas and policies that will salvage the country from the eurrent quagmire it.

To our esteemed keynote speaker, panelists, sponsors and supporters, we are eternally grateful for your sacrifices despite the economy pain inflicted on us over the years of artificial democracy we professed to practice without atom of sincerity cum bad governance and visionless leadership’s plaque confronting us as a nation.

To my committed Cradle Bar members, I salute your courage and full participation in this year Branch’s Law

The 2022 Law Week Committee members must be specially commended for their selfless services in giving us the best law week in recent time in the history of the Branch.

May God bless us all.

Monday Adjeh.
Nigerian Bar Association Bwari-FCT Branch (Cradle Bar)

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