Dear EBF Member, Both At Home & In Diaspora

I am tempted to join others and send you a goodwill message. But being a member of EBF, I just have to remind you and speak to you like a sibling.

EBF, is the only organized and consistent forum in NBA. Others merely kick to life when election comes. But EBF, with or without national NBA Election, meet quarterly and take care of welfare of her members.
This has made EBF the envy of all Fora in NBA and out of this envy and jealousy, they all gather to scuttle EBF, especially in an election year.
EBF should resist this. EBF members who are in the habit of aligning with “foreigners” to weaken EBF, should remember that when the putrid odour of a corpse defiles deodorants, it is only your kinsmen that will stand and give your decomposing body, a befitting burial.

Today, they are here like vultures hovering over a dying dehydrated famine ravaged kwashiorkor African child; it is not out of love for EBF. They are looking for those in EBF that will allow themselves to be used to weaken EBF, especially to water down and make caricature of EBF’s long standing practice, constitutional provision on adoption.

Let it not be you, that will be the weak link. The 45 branches whose Chairmen and Secretaries are statutory members of EBF, plus EBF statutory members in diaspora, this is a clarion call to rally the wagon, support EBF resolutions for you may not need EBF today but definitely, you will need her weight and influence in future.

My brothers and sister in EBF both at home and in diaspora, I salute the Governor General of EBF, the Governing Council and Elders Council of EBF, they are doing well but we need to encourage them to do more.

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