Kubwaexpress News Felicitates NBA Bwari On The Occassion Of Her 2022 Law Week

The Staff and Management of Kubwaexpress News, felicitate with NBA Bwari (Cradle Bar) on the occasion of her law week 2022.

Your theme for the law week; “The State of the Nation; Where are the Lawyers”, is thought provoking and throws a challenge to lawyers and the Bar.

In deed the nation is sliding and the the silence of lawyers in telling truth to power and defending the collective rights of the citizens of the nation, makes the people of Bwari Area Council, the jurisdiction where you are, to wonder, are there still lawyers in Bwari Area Council? Countless public interest issues are starring people of Bwari in the face but the absence of NBA Bwari to take up these challenges, to bring legal succor to the people of Bwari Area Council, is heart breaking.
Citizens of Bwari daily lament and wonder what happened to lawyers, since Chief Gani Fawehinmi (Senior Advocate of the Masses) died. Do they still make lawyers like him or has the Nigerian lawyer, become part and parcel of the state with sole interest in making money and specializing in Election Petition Cases?

As you seek where lawyers are in the nation, remember that Charity begins at home, although should not end at home.

We urge the Bar, to look into the abuses of rights of the common man in their jurisdiction, especially police brutality and the demand for money by the police before administrative bail is granted to a suspect.

We wish you a happy deliberations and pray for the prosperity of the Bar, Kubwa, Bwari and the entire nation, Nigeria.

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