NBA National Officers’ Election Appeal Committee Please Expedite Action

I appreciate all who keep asking me, “has Election Appeal Committee cleared you?” “Are you sure you can cover lost grounds?”

It breaks my heart when I send SMS, make Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posts about my desire to have a truly digitalized NBA and I get the above reactions.

Against the backdrop of my broken heart, I went into 2015 NBA Constitution and dug up this.

National Officers’ Election Appeal Committee as created in Section 14(I) Supra, has 14 days within which to determine any appeal before her and arrange at a decision. This is contained in The Second Schedule, Part ix-APPEALS BY DISQUALIFIED CANDIDATES.

Paragraph (2) reads, “The Election Appeal Committee, shall upon receipt of an appeal lodged by a candidate in the manner stated above, hear the appeal and make a decision thereon within fourteen (14) days thereof. Such hearing may be based on documents only, or by physical hearing or hearing via electronic medium.”

I submitted my Appeal against my disqualification by ECNBA on 28th of May but because ECNBA’s Secretary in her letter disqualifying me for the office of Assistant General Secretary, gave me wrong è-mail address purporting it to belong to National Officers’ Election Appeal Committee, my Appeal was not received until Sunday 29th May, 2022. The Secretary of ECNBA sent me;, instead of at

The issue of my “disqualification”, is no longer issue of law strictly speaking but politics. There is no provision of the Constitution that says it must be 14 days before decision is taken. The National Officers’ Election Appeal Committee can reach a decision within 24 hours after an Appeal had been lodged. Waiting to exhaust their 14 days, will occasion deep wound to my campaign, as my campaign is forced to be in a state of dormant volcanic rumbling, reviving to unleash.

Waiting till 11th June, the eve of Democracy day to get to a decision and communicate same to me, though will gladden my heart, it will make my race a difficult one. Difficult but surmountable.

The Voters List is out, my co-contenders in the race, are gradually eating up towards the finish line. I will need the combined strengths of Usian  Bolt, Karl Lewis, Ben Johnson and Francis Obikwelu to regain my leading position.

I appeal to the National Officers’ Election Appeal Committee, to kindly expedite action, to enable me brace the tape in world record time.  

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