North Central Friends Of YC Hails Him Incoming

NBA Kaduna Law Week held yesterday 30th had only one star attraction. YC Maikyau.
Members, old and new wigs, were all over him, assuring him that he has their support.
Like other branches he had been to, the chant and hail of “Incoming” filled the air.
Being a humble man, YC kept trying to douse the chant so that he can be heard delivering the goodwill message he came to Kaduna with.
Surprisingly, YC didn’t campaign about his ambition to be NBA President (2022-2024), but dedicated his speech to emphasizing the need for lawyers to key into the Olumide Akpata’s initiated Welfare Scheme for lawyers.

He urged lawyers to get registered so as to benefit from the insurance scheme via NHIS partnership with NBA.
The impressed lawyers, calling themselves North Central Friends of YC, assured the Learned Silk that they will leave no stone unturned in working for him.
They further assured him that over 5,000 lawyers will will YCfied and ready to do the needful come July 16.

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