Yenagoa Law Week 2022: Yakubu Chonoko (YC) Maikyau, SAN attends with colleagues and friends

Y. C. Maikyau, SAN attended the Law Week of the NBA Yenagoa Branch, themed: BUILDING A STRONGER JUDICIARY

As a special guest, the Learned Silk was given the opportunity to make his contribution to the theme and to address the Branch. While delivering his speech, the learned Silk took the opportunity to talk about the NBA-NHIS SCHEME and urged all members of the Branch to take advantage of the scheme, promising that they’ll be glad they did. He made it clear that they can even subscribe for everyone in their community.

Still in his speech, Y. C. Maikyau informed the Branch that he recently submitted his form to run for the office of President of the NBA. He announced that he has been screened and cleared by the ECNBA, and that when the time is ripe, as would be directed by ECNBA, he would come properly.

Other persons who were called up to speak on the topic did not conclude without saying a word or two about *Y. C. Maikyau, SAN.

The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Bayelsa State acknowledged the personality of Mr. Maikyau and he referred to the learned silk as ” the incoming President.” The Chairman of Sagbama Branch of the NBA, Ebinyu George Aderigha also took turn to commend Maikyau SAN for his contributions to the Bar and also called him ” Incoming.”

The members of the Branch were excited and some stepped out to interact with Mr. Maikyau SAN on his way out of the hall.

The media correspondents of the NTA approached the Learned Silk to interview him on the theme of the program and he did justice to the topic. In response to na interview question, Mr. Miakyau said, *”for you to have a country with law and order which is what is necessary the enjoyment of statehood. You need a strong judiciary and how do you come about a stronger judiciary? It must be independent in all ramifications. I am particular about the role that members of the Bar will have to play in making sure that we have a stronger judiciary.
Because, it is in the understanding that our call as lawyers is to the person of justice and not to our clients that we will begin to perform our roles effectively. Similarly, for the persons on the bench, the primary motivation for the work that they do, must be the call to serve justice. It is only then that we can transcend every prejudice, every bias and serve the course of justice and it is only when the course of justice is served that the people can benefit from the function of both the lawyers and the court, who are both members of the body called justice.
My call is for lawyers to first and foremost sit down. And when I say lawyers, I mean both those of us who are members of the Bar or functioning as members of the Bench, to understand their primary call to justice and ensure that everything we do is driven by the motivation to serve justice and nothing else. That is what will guarantee stronger judiciary, that is what will guarantee the delivery of justice to the people of this country and that all of us will continue to enjoy the serenity, the harmony, the peace that every country is desirous of.

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq believes that a digitalized NBA is possible to give publicity to all activities of the Bar.

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