Good morning Jos; the 2nd Largest NBA Branch In The North

It gives me undiluted pleasure to be in the city of tourism and peace. The reception last night by Jos Young Lawyers Forum, was electrifying. I salute the YLF Chairman, Emmanuel Yokpe, Esq, he will go places. His passionate cry for Jos to be in the scheme of things at NBA national, has reached the heavens and come 2022-2024, Jos the 2nd largest NBA Branch in the North, will be a force.

The dews evaporating from the hills, taking offerings and supplications to the Most High, cleansing the city and the people, gives me peace and reassured me that I am welcome to Jos, that my consultation with NBA Jos this evening, will be favorable.

Against the above, I felicitate NBA Jos Branch as they host their monthly meeting for the month of May by 4 PM at West of mines.

I wish them peaceful transition as the Branch prepares for election in the month of June.
May your resolutions today, be in the best interest of the Bar, our profession and humanity.

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