“How fortunate for leaders
that men do not think.” – Adolf Hitler

My extensive curiousity about collective sociopathy shows me that mass psychosis in political societies frequently begins with narcicistic, ultranationalistic delusions of racial, sub-racial or tribal supremacy.

Often, a skilful and emotionally manipulative demagogue with illusions of grandeur, would latch on to some existing grouse loosely nursed by his target audience. Under the subterfuge of some ideological duplicity, he charges the atmosphere with vitriolic rhetoric to the point where the collective passion of his crowd becomes highly inflamed. He then proceeds to maintain the incendiary levels of his fixated followers with regular overdoses of propaganda and disinformation, observing their mental captivity with great satisfaction.

After a while, the demagogue’s mass followership attains a zombie-like life of its own due to the hallucinogenic effects of his narcotic lyrics. In their perception, the line between good and evil incrementally becomes blurred, doing so ultimately to the point of virtual non-existence. Monstrosities become excused as necessities, not just by the fanatics and zealots among them but even by people of previously lucid and logical mind.

Intellectuals, who would ordinarily have made diagnosis of, as well as offered prognosis for the increasingly deteriorating mental health of the psychotic minions, are mocked and shamed into silence before being finally rendered comatose by terror.

Meanwhile, the demagogue is always mindful that the crowd may at some point relapse into bouts of rational thinking, which would of course be disastrous to his dark cause. To prevent such unwanted relapse, he would employ all his skill and ingenuity to ensure that an atmosphere of terror is thoroughly deployed in such a manner as to totally discourage the likelihood.

Periodically, eminent personalities may attempt to wade into the troubled waters, making pacifist overtures to the hysterical following but particularly offering olive branches to the conceited demagogue. This usually ends up being an exercise in futility because the demagogue’s view of himself is wholly informed by a God complex with its lunatic pretensions of omnipotence.

Chamberlain tested his ill-fated appeasement policy on Hitler by entering into the 1938 Munich Agreement, going as far as ceding parts of Czechoslovakia to the German psycopath. His half-witted intention was to wean him off his imminent threat to world peace so that all would live happily ever after like in fairy tales. He however only succeeded in ridiculing himself, returning to London with his famously naiive proclamation: “Peace in our time!” At that same moment, Hitler was laughing his back side off in his Bavarian retreat while cynically perfecting his plans for the invasion of Poland in 1939!

After a prolonged period of mass psychosis, the mental state of the zombies is occluded not only in general terms. Rather, it begins to present specific behavioral symptoms of actual organic brain damage. Psychological counseling or routine clinical treatment, even if possible, would no longer be effective at this point and only a shock therapy of massive proportions might stand the slightest chance of jolting the schizophrenic society into any semblance of normalcy.

It took the horrendous and brutal defeat in Stalingrad to bring Hitler back towards the direction of his senses, while the near obliteration of Berlin afterwards then furiously propelled him to a second childhood. Needless to say, it was ditto for his hordes of Aryan barbarns, who
had hailed him all along the highway to infamy.

Today though, it is to their eternal credit that Germany is one of the most organized and mentally adjusted societies in the world, a veritable miracle considering those neurotic days of Nazi-induced collective personality disorder. That miracle was due no doubt to the savage and overwhelming barrage of the Soviet and the Allied forces, which thoroughly taught them a lasting lesson in a language they ultimately understood.

Odi Ikpeazu

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