Mohammed Adama Bounces Back; A threat To Musa Isiaka & Ashonibare Dayo

The only female aspirant for the office of the Secretary, in the forthcoming Unity Bar Election 2022, Mohammed Adama, who was earlier not cleared, has been cleared and she is fully back in the race.

Last night, she was seen in NINA Hotels &  Garden, a joint believed to be the home base of Musa Isiaka. She came in company of her “Campaign DG”, who used the opportunity of a lawyer’s birthday, to consult on the candidature of Adama.

As the only woman in the race and the first to start warmup years ago, for the scribe of Unity Bar, there is thick fear that if she can rally FIDA and other female lawyers, Dayo and Musa may be struggling to beat her.

But Ashonibare Dayo Godwin, the only Christian in the race, has greater chances of turning the apple chart if only he can mobilize his base. Dayo also has the advantage of being a university lecturer can he muster enough establishment lawyers to come out and vote?

Musa Isiaka is perceived as the choice candidate of the Northern leaders and Adama was unjustly “not cleared” to make the race easier for Musa. Musa will need to work hard to change this perception. His closeness to the incumbent exco, particularly the chairman, will weigh heavily against him but all is not gloom and bleak.

As a long serving member of NBA Abuja Unity Football team, this is a strong voting bloc. Musa is also the alternate chair of Unity Bar Sports Committee. The activities of this committee, is appealing to the younger wigs, who are healthy and fitness freak.

But in this strength, lies a greater weakness. The  chairman of the Sports Committee, Afam Okeke, is interested in the post of Chairman of Unity Bar.

The 3 aspirants have enough time to turn these perceived weaknesses into strength and finish strong.

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