As NBA Oji River Meets In May

I wish my very good friend, Hon Seth Nwokolo Chairman, his Executive and the entire members of NBA Oji River, happy deliberations as they hold their May meeting on Thursday 19.

It is a thing of joy to me to read of the good works Hon Seth is doing and the accommodating spirit of the leaders of the Branch that has allowed great accomplishments by the Bar, particularly in taking care of welfare of members, looking out for young wigs and truly promoting the Rule of Law in and around Oji River.

I am with you in spirit and sincerely wish I am with you physically, to benefit from the wisdom of how to effectively conduct a Branch’s meeting.

May your deliberations as usual, produce effective resolutions that will strengthen the Bar, empower the lawyer and make the young lawyer proud to be under the protective umbrella of Oji River Bar.

Accept the assurances of my highest professional regards.

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