Felix Chukwuma Ashimole; I Shall Join CAN’s Protest On Deborah Yakubu

But Che or is it Felix? In fact whatever you call yourself. Try and be calming down on this Deborah Yakubu matter oh! You are not even a Christian. Wetin concern Bishop of The Sinners Assembly and CAN’s protest?

With due respect to you, why? Maybe, you have to go read Constitution of The Sinners Assembly before talking about what you don’t know. Constitution of The Sinners Assembly; https://kubwaexpress.com/2022/03/25/constitution-of-the-sinners-assembly/

You know that religion is a very sensitive issue, our Northern colleagues, especially Muslims will not vote for you, if you keep asking that SPIDEL be boycotted or done via zoom. You are too vocal for one who wants votes to win.

Oga, there are reasonable Muslims, they need not be afraid . They should speak up against this evil done in the name of Islam. If religions permit murder of infidels, who will they preach to and convert to their “holy” and only righteous way to a better place in the hereafter?

I have finished telling you. If you like, don’t tone down. When you go to campaign up North, body go tell you.

Oga, I have heard. NBA, in fact, no election is do or die affair. I desire and deserve to win but I will not lose my humanity because of votes. I will not call cow uncle because I want to eat suya.

NBA is non-religious Association. Go through NBA Prayer and you will see.
Let all aspirants be judged by his or her proven track record of ability to deliver dividends of his office as prescribed by NBA Constitution.

If my withdrawing from the race, will bring back Deborah, I would’ve withdrawn since but we cannot turn back the hands of the clock. But we choose what will happen or prevent what will happen in future by learning from the mistake of the past. Deborah should not die in vain. We failed Leah Shuaibu despite the VP being a Senior Advocate, Christian Pastor. We have many people in Boko Haram/Bandit captivity, NBA lost about 4 members in that Boko Haram’s attack on Abuja-Kaduna rail. How many more will we lose before we take a stand?

Na election I de run, I shall not lose my humanity, I shall not lose my ability to feel pains of others. If you like vote for me when the time comes, if you like don’t, I will prefer to lose than lose my voice and my humanity.
Oga, SPIDEL should be cancelled. Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria (MULAN) should speak up and condemn this extrajudicial murder.

I can see you have made up your mind to die. I wish you well but be careful. 

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