Otu Oka-iwu Abuja Holds Emergency Stakeholders Leadership Summit

Otu Oka-iwu Abuja will on Tuesday 17th May, hold an Emergency Stakeholders Leadership Summit to wage in among its members who are vying for chairmanship position in the forthcoming NBA Abuja (Unity Bar) Election.

Ejiofor Onwuaso, Esq President, Otu Oka-Iwu Abuja.

According to an imitation sent out by Otu Oka-iwu Abuja President, Ejiofor Onwuaso, Esq, The objective of the summit is to interact with the various aspirants of Otu Okaiwu extraction and proactively set out modalities towards a united approach to forestall a repeat of the unfortunate incident of 2016 and ultimately ensure a rancour free process that will enthrone a Chairman of Igbo extraction at the forthcoming Unity Bar June 2022 elections.”

5 Members of Otu Oka-iwu who had shown interest in vying for Unity Bar Chairman across the faction

The Summit shall take place at venue disclosed to stakeholders on need to know basis.


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