Resurfaced Long Snakes In Abuja; Where Is Petroleum Minister?

Like evil wind quietly spreading through the desert, long snake like queues have resurfaced in Abuja, coiling from filling stations into adjoining streets and causing chaotic interruption of traffic.

Between January and March, residents of Abuja, suffered unexplained hardship due to scarcity of fuel and throughout that trauma and hardship, the Petroleum Minister, President Mohammadu Buhari, kept quiet, did not address the nation or did he offer any palliative to the suffering residents of Abuja.

This silence of Petroleum Minister is not golden but a true reflection of his incompetence and inability to multitask. He should as a matter of national emergency, resign as the Petroleum Minister, handover the affairs to a more competent Nigerian and face the dying days of his presidency, coordinate the rescue and release operations of all Nigerians in captivity in the hands of Boko Haram and Bandits.

In 2019, Buhari was massively voted in on the mantra that he will handle insecurity and bring an end to insurgence but his is about to pack out of Aso Rock, leaving Nigeria more unsecured than he met her.

History, will not be kind to Buhari or can he in these dying days of his administration, pull out a rabbit from a bowler hat?

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