Christopher Eichie Abandons Taidi; Endorses YC Maikyau?

If you still live in denial, you cannot deny that there are two factions of NBA in NBA Abuja (Unity Bar)

Honestly, I am not interested in the pyramids of petition flooding my inbox on 1;  if all candidates from NBA Abuja should not be disqualified due to, where did they get their letter of good standing; 2. Which factional chairman, is recognized by NEC.

Let all shades of birds perch, let all go out there to contest, Branches are mere for ease of administration.

Once you are in right standing with NBA and vying for office at National, heavy weather should not be made about your local constituency but politics is what it is.

Most contestants from Abuja, are working hard to heal the fracture in Abuja. I have interacted with them, read Mr. Jonathan Taidi’s comment that it is SANs in Abuja that frustrated his efforts at reconciling the factions. This is not true.

The warring parties refused to reconcile and one of the warriors of this division, is Christopher Eichie, one of Jonathan Taidi’s staunch supporters or should I say saw a supporter?

Christopher Eichie  has been circulating notice of meeting of a faction of Unity Bar, to be hosted on 12th May, 2022 by friends of YC Maikyau, SAN. The question is, is Eichie a friend of the political friends of YC Maikyau? Has Eichie ported from Jonathan Taidi’s friends, of which he is an Admin of most of their WhatsApp groups to start promoting and supporting YC Maikyau? Faithfulness like a postage stamp, loyalty and 101% dedication to a cause, are all that are required in politics; you cannot answer two masters at the same time without breaking your jaw.

I put these questions to him on all the WhatsApp platforms where he shared the flyer but he refused to comment. Could his silence be taken as consent that he has seen the light and abandoned Jonathan Taidi?

Body language and perception in politics, are realities, sacred facts. We need no further babalawo, dibia or ifa to tell us that Christopher Eichie, could have abandoned Jonathan Taidi and is spiritually with friends of YC Maikyau, who is hosting Eichie’s faction of NBA.

According to one of YC Maikyau’s friends, they are hosting in honor of YC and it is not an endorsement by YC of any faction in NBA Abuja. YC Maikyau, SAN is committed to unification of Unity Bar and has demonstrated this during the run up to the election that birthed Hauwa Shekarau’s  executive.

Felix Ashimole, Esq, one of our publishers, have burning desire to see a truly digitalized NBA.


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