Best Bar Centre (1); Abuja NBA Branches Where Are Yours?

In the course of moving around NBA Branches reluctantly, to consult ahead of the July 16th election, I keep unconsciously comparing Bar Centres and honestly none is the best, going by my internally set standards.

The closest is NBA PH Bar Centre. Well built and spacious, ample office spaces but under utilized.

The other Branches Bar Centres, are make shift, crying for urgent attention.

The most disheartening is the absence of lodging facilities in these Bar Centres I visited. NBA Benin is still trying to erect a mini hotel to take care of lawyers, who may have cause to spend a night in Benin on NBA activity.

The pains of lack of accommodation facilities in NBA Bar Centres, especially cosmopolitan Bars in cities like, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja, was driven home, when I got to NBA Ikeja, looking for below N15,000 room for a night.

In other towns I visited, I still trekked around looking for pocket friendly hotels and found but same cannot be said of Ikeja.

Imagine if NBA Ikeja, has accommodation facilities? The revenue it would’ve generated over the years, if you put into consideration, its proximity to the High Court, Police Training School?

I am pained over the amount I am paying tonight, I feel like I am being robbed. Paying this high, when all I need is 4 hours sleep and will not occupy the entire bed with my small body.

Since it is now the culture to move round Branches in the name of consultations, NBA Branches, should be encouraged to make accommodation facilities available within their Bar Centres, even if it just 5 rooms and it should be less than N15,000 a night.

Those without Bar Centre and perpetually renting halls, (NBA Branches in Abuja). should be assisted by NBA national secretariat to erect their own structure no matter how small it is.

Instead of leaving billions in the coffers of NBA, the Olumide Akpata led executive, should further engrave its legacy in gold, by investing in branches and furnish those empty halls in our national secretariat. Leaving liquid cash, may be squandered the way Willie squandered the savings Obi, left behind.

© Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq.    
Former Secretary NBA Bwari.
Former Welfare Secretary NBA Bwari

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