As NBA Ikeja(Tiger Bar) Roars

I am tempted to tip-toe into the tigers’ liar and quietly congratulate you but being a LASUITE, who fears no foe, I stamp my feet to greet you, celebrate with you, as you hold your May meeting on Monday, 9th.

It gives me great pleasure to be within the lair of the most radical NBA Branch in Nigeria.
The exploits of your Branch are serious challenges to other Branches. NBA should not only parrot Rule of Law, but must give teeth to it.

NBA Ikeja, the tiger Bar, you have given teeth to NBA and your roar is heard all over NBA.
As you hold your May meeting, I congratulate you and pray that your cubs will walk in the paws of the leaders of this great Bar.
© Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq.    
Former Secretary NBA Bwari.
Former Welfare Secretary NBA Bwari

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