Bishop, why do you wear Ak-7 pendant and not a Cross?

Same way you wear Cross and Catholics wear crucifix.

Bishop, you know that I don’t even know why I wear a Cross.

When I tell you that African sheepishly follow without thinking deep or asking questions. You were doubting me. 

Please holy one, tell me.

I have told you, I am no where near holiness. I am as sinful as you are. We all are sinners only that we sin differently.

My Bishop forgive me. But why do you wear AK-47?

Cross in the time Roman Empire, was occupying Jesus’ homeland, was instrument of execution, it is stake to which condemned criminals, enemies of the State, were nailed to until they are pronounced dead.

So why do Christians wear it?

Ask your Christian pastors, I will not tell you.

I know why I wear my own AK-47. I wear it to remind me of those extrajudicial murdered by the Nigerian State, most notoriously, the Nigeria Police and Nigerian Army.
I wear it because it is the symbol of my rebellious spirit, my identifying with African freedom fighters, (not these criminals we have now), freedom fighters that fought for our independence, freedom fighters using their pens to liberate the minds of Africa from neo-colonialism. I am a devotee of liberation theology. 

Oh! Is that why your Facebook profile picture is a hand writing with AK-47?

Young man, when I am high and revealing things of the spirit, stay calm and learn. For interrupting me, let me tell you. Any Christian wearing crucifix is not a Christian. Any church where you see crucifix, is not a Christ-Church.

Cross is a symbol of the suffering Jesus the Christ went through and if you wear it, you are supposed to bear and endure suffering, love sacrificially as Christ loved and laid down his life.

There is nothing holy about a Cross or does it have powers, it is just a piece of wood, metal, ivory but when you speak power into it like a Babalawo speaking into his wand, it comes alive. And making sign of the Cross without any chant, is useless and will not wad off any spirit or capsulate it against any attack.

If you are wearing a crucifix, means your Christ has not overcome suffering and death but still hung on the Cross.

Bishop, this is deep, my mind cannot carry it. Let me come and be going.

Leading the corpse of my friend, Augustine Akowuba to his burial and final resting place

Things of the deep call unto the deep, one day you will understand. Open that spirit, let’s calm down, the anointing has left.

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