Most Dangerous Road In South East (i)

Based on the activities of Unknown Gunmen, the undisputed award of most dangerous road in the South East, goes to Ideato-Ekwulobia Amobia-Awka road. This stretch has witnessed the highest number of deaths as a result of skirmishes between the Nigerian Army and Unknown Gunmen.

So I tip-toed through this road on my way to Awka, to face Eastern Bar Forum (EBF)

Few hours earlier in my hotel room at Owerri, the argument was, must I go to Awka to face EBF, knowing that for the post of Publicity Secretary, I am the only EBF member who had shown interest and submitted form. I told those arguing against my going, that they were doing so out of fear that I must pass the most dangerous road in the South East. I hope EBF will reward this risk by making sure that all its members both at home (9 East Central States) and in Diaspora give me support. Some have been arguing, when last did EBF delivered any candidate it adopted? I hope mine will be different. 

Ocho nma eje ogwu(One who embalms himself before going to war)

After doing my rituals; embalming myself (Ocho nma eje ogwu) with ebube agu,I dressed up as the igbo warrior I am, Oyinatumba; Ofuji ana eme offload, and through that road I went.

Like other roads in South East, there is heavy presence of Army Banks, collecting tariffs from motorists. I kept my cool, avoided all political discussions until one passenger mistakenly brought up the issue of Supreme Court awarding about 17 oil wells to Rivers. I jumped into the fray.

Since it was against Rivers State that we lost and it is on record that Wike had never lost any battle at the Supreme Court, I blamed our Supreme Court Governor for not exploring other avenues to get this matter resolved. Imo just can’t lose all. Now the Governor has excuse to justify his non-performance.

With this exposure, I was cautious until I entered Awka and headed to the High Court Complex, the venue of the sitting of EBF’s Screening Committee.

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