NBA Decides 2022 And Bloggers; Kubwaexpress Offers Discount

The most influential tool in this coming NBA Election is blog and bloggers.

Dec.2010 publication of Kubwaexpress announcing Afam Osigwe’s victory as Unity Bar Chairman.

Quietly like a pungent fart in an air conditioned room, bloggers have taken over NBA as the fastest, best and reliably source of news. Hardly to lawyers visit NBA website to surf for information.

Knowing their strength and influence, some of these blogs and bloggers charge as high as N5,000,000 to “cover and project” a candidate. They claim that it is a commercial enterprise and not a charity or community service organization.

Many candidates, who started creating awareness of their intent to “serve” NBA this year, since last Conference at Port Harcourt, confided in us that they have bled out lots of money to these bloggers.

Against this backdrop and our avowed commitment to advocate for cheapening the cost of running for election in NBA, we shall be offering free to all contestants. But terms and conditions apply.

This offer is only for those vying for national position.

We will not write for you. Let your media team write your story, goodwill messages etc and send to or

Your news item will be published within 48 hours of receipt.

In each of your publication, we shall only use one picture.

That you are on Kubwaexpress doesn’t mean you are our adopted candidate.

If you refer to kubwaexpress as a blog, your articles will not be published. Kubwaexpress, is not a blog but online version of Kubwa Xpress Newspaper, duly incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2010.

We wish you all the best in your quest.

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