Hospitality Reflections From Asaba

In course of running from pillar to post, I have slept in four hotels, in four states in four days but the condition of services are the same. Poor.

Well, they said it is poor because that’s what I could afford. I agree. But if you want to go into hospitality business, the least you should do, is train your staff, keep retraining them on the art and science of being in open space serving customers.

Some come to hotel for different reasons. Not all go to hotel to have sex with children young enough to be their grandchildren. Some come just to have peace, float around like ghost burdened with their sorrows.

But I noticed that most of these 5-15 Thousand Naira hotels, are glorified brothels and the reception treat you as though you are a randy old man waiting for young flesh. They are rude and lack courtesy. A good number of them on front desk duty are having affair with the manager or the owner of the place. This emboldens her to be rude. I experienced this at Independence Layout Enugu. And when I asked the boy rendering room service, he confirmed my suspicion.

Today in Asaba, the same scenario is playing out. A friend upped my 10k to a 12k per night room and guess what? When I wore my birthday suite to step into the bathtub, I saw a centipede. Grammar, attitude started.

Because I was wearing NBA crested shirt, I maintained my cool before them go talk say lawyers are evil, difficult to manage.

I have come to this final realization, the cheaper the hotel, the more certainty that their service will be poor, their staff will be out to rob or defraud you.

But despite knowing this, I still find it difficult to pay 15k a night to sleep for less than 4 hours before duty calls.

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