Cost Of NBA Election & Matters Arising (i)

In every contest, there must be a loser and a winner. Politics, no matter at what mini-micro level, is bound by this.

Can all NBA contestants, start denouncing this cost of reaching out to colleagues?
Not when nature takes its course and you lose, you start whining like mosquito, looking for sympathy and start emergency anti-NBA Movement.

Me, Ogaga or Habeeb, one must win but can we have plane bump free field to market our skills?
Some may have had the privilege of using NBA platform (by being in a committee) to tour the country and build structures, I do not begrudge them but NBA that has been crying that serving ministers must resign before seeking office, should also find a way to implement same in NBA.

Some contestants who can no longer meet the contractual terms with Bloggers, are asking that Kubwaexpress help them for free. I still de chuckle when they send me WhatsApp messages.
Meanwhile, one guy is asking that I pay him to popularize me in South East.
I have been humoring him but tonight I bare my fangs.

Uba Anene Esq. EBF Governor at Monday Ubani’s burial activities for his late father.

I am the only potential aspirant from the 9 states that make up EBF, it should be a given that 80% of these Branches, and EBF members in the diaspora, should throw their votes behind me when the ECNBA allows the time come.
Throw their votes into my lot because I have paid my dues to EBF, made EBF cause my course in 2018 at the expense of my friendship with Mazi Afam Osigwe now SAN.
  We are now seriously mending fences but like a ruptured hymen, alum cannot restore it to state of nature but I have resolved not to allow inconsequential things tear apart my friendship with anyone again. But Ogaga no buy me beer when I visited his branch.
I stuck with Arthur Obi-Okafor SAN despite not knowing him as much as I knew Afam. Well Love, Sentiments or sense of entitlement do not win elections. I will still tour all the states in EBF, to consult and seek their blessings, not because I am their son but because I have proven capacity, to deliver on any given job.

The NBA Constitution has tried to discourage careerism in NBA but we need to do more advocacy to allow NBA Cake to go round, give others chance to bite the cherry.

It is disgusting to see a lawyer announcing himself that he had been this and that in NBA and now wants to be this and that.

Repulsively I ask, were you called to Bar to do NBA as your area of practice?
As a matter of natural progression, after two tour of duties at your local Branch, move up to national. If you have done same at national, the next post you should contest, if you must, should be nothing less than the President of NBA.

Or is there something wet, juicy and dripping inside that I have not seen or tasted? Can someone shine torch for me, make I follow who know road.

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